Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Free Download Crystal Player Pro 1.98 Full Version

CrystalPlayer Professional is a video player that includes a wide variety of audio and video filters, equalizer, internal post processing, volume customizing, autodownloading of required codecs, dynamic XML skins, friendly zooming, pan scanning, dragging, subtitle support (SRT, SMI, SUB, JS, DKS, MPL, RT, SMIL, and SSA), external audio files, OSD with antialiasing and blend effects, and screenshots (JPEG, BMP). It also offers a wide variety of delicate options for the player's kernel (overlays, buffering, audio restrictions, preloading, caching of the data), corrections for special files, OSD brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and sharpness.

CrystalPlayer Professional does not use built in WindowsMedia environment, so there are no any limitations implied, as with most other players. Supported formats are including, but not limited to: XVID, DivX, MPEG4, MPEG2, MPEG1, WMV, Real etc. depending on the codecs installed on your computer. More than that, Crystal has the feature to download required codecs from the internet (Pro only). CrystalPlayer Professional offers uncomparable ability to improve the quality of the videos you're watching. Check Multisampling, Supersampling, Video filters and Video Postprocessing features of Professional version.

Features :

· Full Windows Vista support
· Built-in MPEG4 decoder
· Skins
· Speed troubleshooting modes
· Multilingual support
· Multicolor on-screen controls and seeking-bar
· Subtitles
· External audio track support
· Playlists with bookmarks
· Image capturing
· Runtime help messages
· Runtime statistics & suggestions
· Aspect rate and audio/text skew correction
· Graphical ten band equalizer
· Video postprocessing
· Zooming, scrolling & panorama
· Supersampling
· Multisampling
· Video filters
· Audio filters
· Automatic codec downloader
· Native Crystal MPEG1/2 format support
· Native Crystal AVI format support
· Crystal MPEG1/2 video decoder
· Crystal AC3 multichannel audio decoder

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