Thursday, 17 November 2011

Update Facebook and twitter status from Google plus


Now a days Google plus, a social network operated by Google, Inc  is one of the hottest trends in the Internet and marketing industries. Many people are using both Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with their friends, family, colleagues and followers.
With the rise of Google+, some Internet users like bloggers and webmasters may even be involved in three social networks everyday. I think your not getting enough time  to share or update the same things on these social networks separately. There is a cool solution to update Facebook-twitter status from Google plus.

Just Download and install a light extension G++

Extension G++ Offers you..

  1. Facebook & Twitter feed in your Google+ Stream
  2. Post statuses to Facebook & Twitter directly from Google+
  3. Like, Comment, Post to Facebook
  4. Twitter - Tweet & Retweet in Google+

After Installing the extension your Google plus profile will look like above picture. You can view the all the stream easily by checking the box. 
If you want share same status in Facebook and Twitter, just check the boxes of Facebook and Twitter.

If you have any question regarding Update Facebook-twitter status from Google plus Don't hesitate to comment in Comment Box below.


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